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Want a new way to shop?

Know what your looking for?  For a more refined shopping experience simply click the icon (here or in a product page) to see all of our products that fall under that category!     We really liked the way our new friends from MadeClose have icons to explain at a glance how a product is made. So we added a similar new tool to help make your shopping experience easier! Want only products made in the USA? No problem! Recycled and Up-cycled goods?! We've got that! Minimal to no impact on the environment. Yep! Handmade? You betcha!   Click each button to see all of your amazing options!    

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New Glass Pendants and a BIG favor that will only take you seconds

We have thrown our hat into the Martha Stewart American Made competition. We need just a little bit of your help! We didn't get picked in the original group of finalists so now we are trying to get in with the wildcard! In order to do that we need LOTS of social shares.  There also is come cool company information that isn't listed anywhere else! Get a little bit of insight into our owner/designer Alicia!  Pretty please pop over to the link below and give us a share to increase our chances  http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/ 94114/design/hammers--heelsText     The all new Luce collection was added! We admittedly don't have a lot of very colorful designs so these really are adding a pop to...

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New designs coming!

 Busy few weeks here at Hammers & Heels!  Last week we completed our move into the new workshop and are so excited to have more space. We still have some unpacking and setting up to do but we are well on the way to being settled in. Starting to really plan the design for the showroom.  We went to the SF designer showcase on Friday night. So inspiring!   This week Alicia has been sourcing materials and American makers to start new lines and launch new products! A textile based line with rugs, pillows, blankets and curtains is in the works!  She spent today at our glass blower designing new shapes and products!   

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