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15 Easy Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Every Interior Design Project

Great design is all about making smart choices. While selecting the right design elements may help you achieve your desired aesthetic; it has also become increasingly important to consider the environment while making these key decisions.From choosing a finish that will help you breath a little easier to making sure your lumber wasn't illegally clear-cut from a protected rain forest- Eco-friendly alternatives abound. Our guide to Easy Eco-Alternatives for Every Interior Design Project will help you navigate an at times confusing Eco Design industry, and prove that not all "Eco-Friendly" products are created equal.  1. FINISHES Say no to toxic fumes. (Source) HARMFUL OPTION: Lacquer and Oil Based Finishes Lacquers contain chemicals that are harmful to your health if ingested, inhaled, or come into contact...

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First Ever- Things We Love Thursdays!

 We are going to start a series! Every Thursday check back in for the new things we love!     1. DIY tape lamp A silly thing but we love it 2. Emma Leonard Her artwork is flawless and we have a bunch in our showroom 3. Glass straws!  So green and so cute 4. Gray Scarf Neckless by Shira Paz What more could you want for fall?! This awesome find is thanks to our new friend Brett over at The Lab- stay tuned for much more from this collaboration!  5. A & B  Rebecca Atwood Pillow It's understated, stunning, and that single stripe down the back. Yum.  6.  Brass Electrical Plate Covers by Japanese architect Uno Tomoaki Because raw metal is one of our favorite things

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Want a new way to shop?

Know what your looking for?  For a more refined shopping experience simply click the icon (here or in a product page) to see all of our products that fall under that category!     We really liked the way our new friends from MadeClose have icons to explain at a glance how a product is made. So we added a similar new tool to help make your shopping experience easier! Want only products made in the USA? No problem! Recycled and Up-cycled goods?! We've got that! Minimal to no impact on the environment. Yep! Handmade? You betcha!   Click each button to see all of your amazing options!    

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