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2017 Interior Design Trends, A Hammers & Heels Design Guide

1. Reclaimed Wood We are so excited that this trend is finally catching on in full force. Not only does using reclaimed lumber help reduce waste, but it also reduces future deforestation, shipping pollution, and problematic logging practices. Using reclaimed wood also encourages buying American made products. New lumber is often shipped from the growing nation first, to the producing nation second, and finally shipped again to the consumer nation.  The texture and look of reclaimed wood furniture & accents is unique and beautiful. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Custom reclaimed rustic barnwood platform bed from Hammers & HeelsDark, moody, textural. Reclaimed wood walls. 2. Farmhouse Style Not your grandparents' farmhouse. Modern farmhouse style is open to interpretation, versatile, and beautiful. Warm woods,...

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