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Dogs and Pendants in Sweaters

Dogs and Pendants in Sweaters   I  We've added some new products and options on existing products this week and in honor we (obviously) thought we need to put dogs in sweaters. Welcome out new sweater cord pendants!  We have also launched a large size Hive table and an option to purchase in gray. Olivia and Irie were happy to model on them as you can see! 

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Things We Love Thursday

  Things We Love Thursday     1. Dlighted Jewelry- Our logo card maker started designing jewelry along with her custom paper products and we are so excited!  2. The EveryGirl and Interior Define collaborated to make sofas. The colors and sizer are just perfect.  3. Another find thanks to I Am The Lab.  Peg and Awl- Couldn't you spend hours soaking in this tub and have all your necessities on that tub caddy?! 4. Riva- A solid wood globe chair. Their logo is "Only Wood, Only Passion". How could you not love it?  5. Found My Animal- Ombre Leash.   These guys are American made and support adoption services nation wide. "Let your pet wear your values" 

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Why your next pet should be up-cycled

                                                                    Photo from Irie's Instagram series #InstanyIrie   Here at Hammers & Heels, we love our animals and have a dog friendly workplace. Most of our employees have adopted or are fostering pets, and a few of us have backgrounds working with rescues. Irie is the mascot of Hammers and Heels, she found her forever home with Alicia after being rescued and placed in a shelter in Boston. Taking a break to jump in Irie’s bed with her for a quick snuggle session during the workday is one of...

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