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Sale Preview!

Who wants to leave the house on Friday? Shop our sale online instead, you can even do it from bed!  For the first time Hammers & Heels is running a huge Black Friday Sale. From Friday at 12am to Tuesday at 12am you can sop our sales. Keep in mind sales numbers are limited so shop early to ensure you get your perfect piece!  

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Holiday Planning

It's almost that time of year! Are you gearing up for the holiday season? We are over here at Hammers & Heels. Lets focus on the big one for November, after all it is my favorite! That means impressive decorations, table settings, and/or great gifts for your hosts! We have a great collection of fair trade products to fit your needs!  I have to say we put this gift set together and I became instantly obsessed with it! Then to make it even better we are offering discounts on gift sets! Early gift for myself? I think it just might be. Over the next couple of months we will be dedicating time to a new Holiday Pinterest board. Follow along...

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