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15 Easy Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Every Interior Design Project

Great design is all about making smart choices. While selecting the right design elements may help you achieve your desired aesthetic; it has also become increasingly important to consider the environment while making these key decisions.From choosing a finish that will help you breath a little easier to making sure your lumber wasn't illegally clear-cut from a protected rain forest- Eco-friendly alternatives abound. Our guide to Easy Eco-Alternatives for Every Interior Design Project will help you navigate an at times confusing Eco Design industry, and prove that not all "Eco-Friendly" products are created equal.  1. FINISHES Say no to toxic fumes. (Source) HARMFUL OPTION: Lacquer and Oil Based Finishes Lacquers contain chemicals that are harmful to your health if ingested, inhaled, or come into contact...

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21 Interior Design Trends for 2016

The do's and don'ts of design are always evolving.  In the design field the advent of new technologies offer creators and designers a steady stream of new materials and methods to experiment with. Shifting values will inevitably shock the hardcore traditionalist. Operating within a modern global market allows ideas and innovation to circulate around the world at the speed of light. 2016 will be a big year for green and bold design but also the rebirth of a few classic styles. Here is our list of design trends to look for in 2016: 1. Quality Craftsmanship Over Quantity  "Buy Local" and "Buy Hand Made" are not passing fads in design. Now more then ever- understanding sourcing practices are vital if you want quality and sustainability. In a generation where...

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As the saying goes "Earth without art is just eh"

  As the saying goes "Earth without art is just eh"     We strive to create pieces that will add to the artistic aesthetic of all the spaces we have the honor of lighting and furnishing. We love artwork around here! So when designing our showroom we knew that wall art would be an integral part of the finished look. Many of the pieces came from Alicia's personal collection and were done by local artists, family, and friends.     When deciding the placement for our collection we first laid everything out. Coming up with a basic idea of what went together and what could stand alone. This particular lady evokes a strong emotional reaction in all of us. So...

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