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Picking the Right Dinnerware: A How-to Guide.

Selecting the right dinnerware for your home can be a daunting task. *deep breaths* Dinnerware will be one of your most used housewares, and there are infinite variables in styles, sets, materials, and individual needs that will inform your unique selection process. Should you buy cheaply and in bulk? How about a vintage bright lime green set to match your kitchen back splash? Porcelain? What even IS porcelain? Whether you're sneaking your midnight snack out of the microwave in your penguin footie pajamas, or serving a formal 3-course holiday meal for 10 of your in-laws- your dinnerware should be practical, versatile, and lend itself to daily use.  Types of Dinnerware (Source)    EARTHENWARE Price: $ Durability: 2/5  Dishwasher safe: No. If manufacturer says dishwasher...

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