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14 Geometric Furniture & Decor Finds That Take The Hexagon Trend To The Next Level

Interior design trends for 2017 are all about traditional, warm spaces pushing back against the chic minimalist aesthetics that have risen to prominence over the last decade internationally. Think warm reclaimed woods, lush green hues, farmhouse vibes, and mixed patterns just to name a few.  In the never ending battle for dominance between modernist and traditional aesthetics in interior design and decor trends, the humble hexagon and other geometric motifs hold a special place all thier own. Moving beyond the traditional tiled backsplashes and other two dimensional geometrically patterned elements in interior design, the hexagon is now jumping off the wall into decor and furniture design and is poised to spread into every area of the home.  This year expect to see...

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Want a new way to shop?

Know what your looking for?  For a more refined shopping experience simply click the icon (here or in a product page) to see all of our products that fall under that category!     We really liked the way our new friends from MadeClose have icons to explain at a glance how a product is made. So we added a similar new tool to help make your shopping experience easier! Want only products made in the USA? No problem! Recycled and Up-cycled goods?! We've got that! Minimal to no impact on the environment. Yep! Handmade? You betcha!   Click each button to see all of your amazing options!    

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Expanding Ideas & Products

 We are expanding and adding a few carefully selected makers and curated products to our store and showroom! The decision to make some changes in our company was not taken lightly. We spent many days, evenings, and sleepless late nights toying with this idea. When you are a small business that has designed, manufactured, and sold only your own products for so long it is scary to make this leap. However, at a point we realized that in order to expand and grow we just couldn't do it all ourselves. There are amazing craft people making high quality, unique, and handmade products sustainably in many corners of the globe.   The first company we found that really solidified this idea...

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