UL Listing

We are a UL listed production facility

Absolute care, caution, and expertise to create each individual piece locally by hand. Each piece is then inspected and tested for quality and safety. All fixtures are not UL listed by default because once UL listed items may not be cut to length per UL regulations. Not UL listing all items allows us to keep stock of flexible options for those who do not require ul listing. Additionally table lamps and some European cords can not be UL listed, we will contact you if your item requires adjustments for UL listing. 







Hammers and Heels can not UL list any fixture once it has left our facility per UL regulations.

All lighting purchases are subject to our terms and conditions.


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* If you are unsure whether you require UL listing please check your local rules, codes and regulations prior to placing an order.

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Multiple finish, cord, color, material, sizes , and styles.