StairRamps to Heaven- Build Lead Reference


MAIN CONTACT: Alicia Engman- Project Manager

E: - Scheduling calls, managing your ramp, design discussions, sending documents/images, general discussions

P: 617.699.9583 - Text me with urgent questions. Please do not call unless scheduled.

Ramp design, decor, deadlines, check-ins, questions, funding.

Lysa Morgan- Founder. Coordinator for DMV and “Art Car Bus Stop” project.


P: 925.577.7897

Media. Donations. Community Collaboration.

Maria Partridge - BMorg liaison, “Artists Advocate”


P: 775.742.1602

Don't contact her, she will contact you =)


Go here once on playa for ramp placement location



June 15:

  • Email the decor design photos, links, or other relevant material to Alicia for approval.
  • Once approved, you will receive your Art Installation Application template with instructions for completion.

June 30:

  • All Forms must be completed in Google Docs by today!
  • Email the final decor design (if any changes were requested) to Alicia for final approval.

July 1:

  • Status update call with Alicia.
  • Schedule next call with Alicia on July 1.
  • Fund disbursement completed.

August 7: Ramp completion deadline. Email Alicia photos!

August 22: Earliest on playa arrival

August 24: Assembly on playa deadline

August 25 - Sept 1: Team lead will be responsible for ensuring all team members complete their assigned tasks including assembly, maintenance,  LNT, and Strike

Sept 2: Teardown - Current plan is to disassemble hardware from lumber and have lumber transported to Temple for inclusion in their burn. NO METAL IN BURN.



Financial Sponsorship

We have raised money to help offset your costs so grants are available. We are following the Burning Man process of letting you ask for what you want, based on your needs. Please use this (very short) 4 question form to request funding.

Supply donations

We have an offering of donations of hardware (screws, hinges, eyehooks, that kind of stuff) If interested, please contact