StairRamps to Heaven

StairRamps to Heaven



The Ultimate Example of Radical Inclusion

Thank you for your interest in building art at Burning Man this year. You are going to be part of a multi-installation build, based on an established project.

Since 2016, we’ve been building a Ramp for the mobility challenged which includes those using wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, scooters, the pregnant, elderly, invisible disabilities (MS, chemo patients, brain injuries, Epilepsy, etc) and more. This year we are expanding to nine ramp locations spread across the playa and we need all hands on deck!

Build Positions

Build Lead- Build your own installation! You will be the one in charge of your installation. Customize your design however you want! (within reason of course). 

* Closed *

Build Support- various days- Pre-playa build assistance for your local Build Lead if there is one (Northern California, Southern California, Colorado, Reno area, etc) . 

* Closed *

Support Positions

Assembly Aug 23rd- On-playa assistance with assembly of an installation. If you do not have an early arrival pass please add it in the notes (this will in no way hurt your application)

Breakdown Sept 1- On playa assistance with the disassembly and transportation to the man for inclusion in after the burn.

LNT various days- On playa assistance with Leave No Trace is one of the most important principles of Burning Man that requires daily maintenance/repair of each installation.

* Deadlines July 30th *


Sound like fun?  Simply fill out the questionnaire below.