Build Specs Lite

This document contains

  • Our General Concept and Requirements
  • The Sketch-up drawings and a materials list (cut list)

    The General Concept section provides the basic expectations of the project. The Sketch Up drawing and materials list are for your use and benefit and the BMorg language is for further knowledge. 


    You may add to this design or create your own, as long as you meet the basic safety and lighting requirements.  You are also free to further increase the load factors or stability. In other words, you can over build it - just don’t underbuild it.

    Ramps should be built to support a minimum of 2000 lbs at any one time, able to withstand winds of up to 40 mph sustained, 80 mph gusts, and be highly visible at night. Solar lighting is great but must be supplemented by battery or generator powered lights per BMorg.

    Here’s the stuff we encourage but don’t require: (in order of importance)  Shading , Decorations (paint, stencils, cut outs, etc) and Signage.. (note: we will be stenciling the StairRamps to Heaven logo somewhere prominently on your ramp. Size is approximately 2’ x 6”, black paint.

    If your ramp arrives on playa and does not meet the minimum requirements, we will attempt to help you bring it up to standard.  If this is not possible, we may have to ask that you take your ramp to your personal camp and install it there. We don’t want to hurt anybody. Especially with a ramp designed to help people.


    Cut list (This accounts for 10% waste, hardware not added):

    • 4x- 4'x8' 3/4" plywood
    • 48x- 2x4x8'
    • 10x- 2x4x12' 
    • 5x- 2x6x8

    You excited yet?! Well here is the basic ramp current draft. Before you panic, yes it is in progress. We will have the final SKP and cut list by June 7th. We will post a notification on the Facebook group when this is updated with the final things and stuff. We just wanted to give you something to get started conceptually and design wise. If you want to take this and run with it however you want, go for it!

    We have provided the BMorg wording for structural stability for your reference.

    Try to remember we are all looking to provide access to those with mobility challenges so please make it safe and functional.


    ** Have questions? Visit the Build Spec Heavy page here.  **


    For a 12x12:

    4 holes popped 36" deep, 11'8" center post to center post.

    It's 8'6" from ground to bottom of joist. 9'6" from ground to top of post. I've attaching a quick sketch of one wall of a 24x24 structure.  

    The important things are that your lumber is solid without any structural cracks, walls are straight up and down when you tamp them in, and that the shade cloth is tight. In reality this isn't professional construction, things aren't always entirely plumb, so the heights end up varying by about 6", more on the shorter side than the taller. 

    Cut List:

    • 4 4"x4"s
    • 4 4"x6"s (two of which are 'kickers' which get removed once the walls are erected
    • 4 1"x2" battens
    • 15'x12' of black shade cloth

    ** Have questions? Visit the Build Spec Heavy page here.  **


    Cut List Safety:

    Two of these strings, 20 meters, white

    More detailed images and things to come! Basic gist is light it up safely, keep it lit safely. Here are some general thoughts but essentially follow the BMorg requirements listed below. The ramp should be at a minimum illuminated enough so people walking on the ramp can see clearly at night, and Art Cars can see them. Also make sure to use lighting and power sources that are suited for the playa. Please be mindful of people with seizures with any strobing lights, radical inclusion! I have put together an idea for lighting, you are welcome to go as big as you want but try to not blind someone :)

    To power the lights your choice depends on what you have available, how often you want to go out and deal with battery swaps, how much lighting you will have total, etc. Just please keep in mind people need these ramps to access art cars so try to use a source that will at least power the safety lighting through the night. They aren’t a fan if the safety lighting goes out. 

    ** Have questions? Visit the Build Spec Heavy page here.  **