What is Sustainable Design? Hammers and Heels

What is Sustainable Design?

We are glad you asked! Sustainable design, at least for us, includes sourcing and manufacturing, not just the materials themselves. At Hammers and Heels we strive to use the most green materials we can find, but often they are also locally sourced. In the same mindset as the local farm stand food movement we manufacture our pieces in the San Francisco Bay area.  In fact most of our materials are purchased from small businesses, mostly within a 2 mile radius of our warehouse! 

Of course we also mostly use recycled, reclaimed, or upcycled materials.  If you get a chance to check out our Oliver Collection you will find that fallen trees aren't too shabby looking when paired with a little bit of modern design.

Sourcing and manufacturing locally also helps us give back to you by keeping our prices low because we aren't shipping pieces from across the world, and we think thats pretty cool.  Have something to add? Let us know what you consider sustainable design!


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