One For You, One For Me: 2016 Hostess Essentials Gift Guide Hammers and Heels

One For You, One For Me: 2016 Hostess Essentials Gift Guide

Hostess gift guide 2016, porcelain, linen, barware, wine

Dinner party, anyone?
Dine in style this fall with our curated collection of Hostess Essentials. Treat yourself & your favorite hostesses to beautiful matte porcelain, hand-finished woods, and soft French linens. All fairtrade or USA handmade, organic, green products. 

1. USA Made French Linen Dinner Napkin 18", $9.99 Buy Here
2. Indigo Hand Finished Wood Candle Holder, $6.99+ Buy Here
3. Solid Metal Gold Wine Corkscrew, $35 Buy Here
4. Indigo Handmade Wooden Salt & Pepper Cellars, $18 Buy Here
5. Fairtrade Gold Flatware Set, $19 Buy Here
6. Matte Porcelain Coupe Dinnerware Set, $80 Buy Here
7. Solid Metal Gold Bottle Opener, $25.50 Buy Here
8. USA Made French Linen Placemat 19", $12.99 Buy Here
9. The Drunken Botanist, $13.39 Buy Here
10. Matte Porcelain Mug XL, $27 Buy Here

Stay tuned for more thoughtfully curated gift guides from Hammers & Heels as the 2016 holiday season approaches. 

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