Insta-Sales Hammers and Heels


Introducing Insta-Sales 


How it works
Starting tomorrow we will be offering sales through Instagram (hammersandheels) and we could not be more excited about how easy it is for our customers! Look for our posts tagged #paywithpenny. We’ll include a short description of the product and a price in the comments. Just comment #sold to buy and Penny will follow up to take care of the rest. It’s super easy and once you’ve signed up with Penny once you’ll never have to add your info again.
Is it safe?
Absolutely! Penny uses a payment processor that is safe and uses industry-leading security standards, and your contact information will never be shared with anyone other than the sellers you buy from.
How do I sign up?
Follow us on Instagram to be ready. To sign up with Penny ahead of time, you can go to and log in with your Instagram account.
Here's a fun infographic to explain how to sign up with Penny.
See you guys tomorrow for our first sale!!! 


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