14 Geometric Furniture & Decor Finds That Take The Hexagon Trend To The Next Level

Interior design trends for 2017 are all about traditional, warm spaces pushing back against the chic minimalist aesthetics that have risen to prominence over the last decade internationally. Think warm reclaimed woods, lush green hues, farmhouse vibes, and mixed patterns just to name a few. 
Hexagon Decor For The Entire Home Interior Design Trends
In the never ending battle for dominance between modernist and traditional aesthetics in interior design and decor trends, the humble hexagon and other geometric motifs hold a special place all thier own. Moving beyond the traditional tiled backsplashes and other two dimensional geometrically patterned elements in interior design, the hexagon is now jumping off the wall into decor and furniture design and is poised to spread into every area of the home. 
This year expect to see the hexagon motif being used in decor & interior design in new and interesting ways. Whether it be a cluster of hexagon hive tables as the focalpoint of the livingroom or a full spread of hexagon serving boards and accessories in the kitchen- we are so ready for the hexagon take over.

Hexagon Tile Inlay in Hardwood Kitchen Floor

Hexagonal Tiles Meets Hardwood Floors in the Kitchen. Interior Design Ideas

Custom Finished Handmade Hexagon Hive Tables

Customized Handmade Geometric Hexagon Hive Tables

Twin Hexagon Bathroom Mirrors Hold Thier Own on a White Wall

Hexagon Hanging Wall Art in a Mid-Century Modern Living Space

Hexagon Mid Century Modern Hanging Wall Art

Modern Hexagonal Wine Bar

Hexagon Wine Bar Geometric Furniture


Shop Hexagon Decor For Every Room Of Your House Geometric Design Trends

Large Hexagon Hanging Mirror With Gold Trim Geometric Interior Design Trend

Large Geometric Hexagon Hanging Mirror With Gold Trim | $42.95 | Find It Here
Hand Welded Metal Canisters
Hand-Welded Metal Canister Jars | $23.99 | Find Them Here
White Marble Hexagon Cake Stand - Geometric Kitchen Decor and Design Trends
11" White Marble Hexagon Cake Stand | $47.99 | Find It Here
Oil Rubbed Bronze Geometric Hive Table Interior Design Trends
Oil-Rubbed Bronze Modern Geometric Hive Table | $749 | Find It Here
Hand-Welded Metal Soap Dispensers For The Bathroom
Hand-Welded Metal Hexagon Soap Dispensers For Bathroom & Kitchen | $18.99 | Find Them Here
Gray Marble Hexagon Cheese Serving Board - Geometric Kitchen Decor
15" Gray Marble Hexagon Cheese Cutting & Serving Board | $40.99 | Find It Here
Handmade Wool Ikat Hexagon Geometric Area Rug
Handmade Wool Ikat Hexagon Pattern Area Rug | $1266+ | Find It Here
Hand Welded Metal Waste Baskets For The Office And Bathroom Geometric Decor Trends
Hand-Welded Metal Wastebaskets for the Office & Bathroom | $44.99 | Find Them Here
Hand-Finished Copper Hexagon Tables
Hand-Finished Copper Hexagon Hive Tables | $699 | Find Them Here
Solid Wood Hexagon Cutting And Serving Board Geometric Decor Trends
Solid Wood Hexagon Cutting & Serving Board | $26.99 | Find Them Here
Gray & White Marble Hexagon Coaster Sets Geometric Decor Trends
Gray & White Marble Hexagon Coaster Sets | $15.99 | Find Them Here
Geometric Metal & Glass Hexagon Votive Holder Decor
Metal & Glass Hexagon Votive Holder | $15.99 | Find It Here
Walnut Hand Finished Geometric Hexagon Hive Tables
Hand Finished Walnet Hexagon Hive Tables | $399 | Find Them Here


 This simple geometric shape inspired by nature will be everywhere in interior design in 2017. No room is safe from the hexagon takeover. Stay on trend with these hexagon decor finds.


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