Coastal Design Comes Home For Summer 2017 Hammers and Heels

Coastal Design Comes Home For Summer 2017

Coastal Design for Summer 2017 - Aqua Blue Handblown Glass Pendant Lighting
Coastal design without the kitsch.

More light, hand-finished natural woods, less faux sea-glass octopus mosaics. True coastal style is clean, light, natural, and timeless. Far from the chic monochrome high rises of America's urban centers, coastal design elicits feelings of past family vacations on Cape Cod.

A Simple and Timeless Marthas Vineyard Bedroom Showcases Classic Coastal Design

A Marthas Vineyard Bedroom Showcases Timeless Coastal Style from MV ID Marthas Vineyard Interior Design

Whethor curling up by the fire on an overstuffed linen couch with your collection of Thoreau poetry, or stomping in from the beach and kicking off your flip flops with a trail of sand behind you- great coastal design wants to be lived in and on, to be used and enjoyed for generations. 

While Hammers & Heels is best known for our modern geometric and industrial design collections, our pieces are as perfectly at home in SoHo as they are in Truro. Our core principles of delivering one of a kind pieces with heirloom craftsmanship, handmade from natural materials in the USA, meant to be used and enjoyed for generations- embody coastal living at its finest. 

We have thoughtfully curated our favorite coastal offerings ranging from rough woven hemp rugs, to classic matte porcelain dinnerware. Each piece is handmade, beautiful, and will add the perfect touch of coastal style to your space- no matter how far from the sea you call home.

Handmade Hemp Rugs

Hemp rugs are a beautiful display of both hand-craftsmanship and natural materials. Our curated collection elevates this traditional medium, with a versatile neutral tone that lends itself to any design pallet. This sandy beige pallet will fit beautifully into any understated coastal interior.

Modern Rustic Round Woven Hemp Area Rug | $650 | Shop Now

Hand Woven Doily Crochet Round Hemp Area Rug | $650 | Shop Now

5' Handmade Concentric Circles Natural Hemp Area Rug | $573 | Shop Now

Handmade Matte Porcelain Dinnerware Collection from Hammers & Heels

Our classic matte porcelain dinnerware and lighting fixtures are handmade in the USA. Dress these durable staples up or down, they're perfect for a casual brunch or a formal dinner party.

Coastal Design Comes Home For Summer 2017Mini Matte Porcelain Clay Pendant Light with Copper Cord | $249 | Shop Now

Handmade Matte Porcelain Dinnerware Place Settings | $80 | Shop Now


Ship Rope Motif

A small pop of nautically themed decor goes a long, long way. Less is more with our rustic ship rope elements. Choose from our existing ship rope collections, or custom design your own and add our ship rope cord to a fixture from any of our collections. 

Rustic Wood Ship Rope Cluster Chandelier | $449 | Shop Now

Hand Blown Rustic Ship Rope Clear Glass Pendant Light | $349 | Shop Now

16" Clear Hand Blown Glass Globe Chandelier with Rustic Ship Rope
16" Clear Blown Glass Chandelier with Rustic Ship Rope | $775 | Shop Now

Coastal Blues Decor Collection from Hammers & Heels

From sparkling aqua glass to deep indigo porcelain and rich wood dyes- blues invoke the ocean in all of its glory. 

Handblown Aqua Blue Glass Pendant Light | $349 | Shop Now

Handmade Matte Porcelain Indigo XL Mug | $18 | Shop Now

Hand Finished Indigo Wooden Candle Holders | $6.99+ | Shop Now

Matte Indigo Ceramic Hand Made Pendant Light | $299 | Shop Now

Natural Hand Finished Wood Furniture Collections from Hammers & Heels

Clean, simple, timeless. Our hand finished natural wood furniture collections will age gracefully and durably. 

Hand Finished Wooden Napkin Rings | $2.50 | Shop Now

Hand Finished Walnut Hexagon Hive Tables | $399+ | Shop Now

White Marble and Wood Cheese Cutting Board | $34.99 | Shop Now

Great coastal design is not all about star fish motifs and sea glass accents. Beautiful design staples like hand finished woods, ship rope accents, and understated shades of blue will bring coastal style home all year.


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