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 Last week we launched Kahoko Rugs and have since had a few people question if we were going to continue to be made in America. The answer is absolutely yes! While we are curating a few makers that create amazing items from all over the world, rest assured Hammers & Heels designs will continue to be designed, manufactured, and sold in the USA. 

We are proud to be listed on the Made in the USA Challenge, Sarah has put together an amazing Master List of products made in the USA. Just this week we got approval from the MIA project to use their badge. We may have more things in the works with them soon! Hopefully in the coming days we are going to have a few carefully selected products on MadeClose. Who are very busy building a brick and mortar map of local, handcrafted, eco friendly makers from all over America. No small task I'm sure!

We are so happy to be part of these sites and proud to be American made. 


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