H&H Trends to Ditch in 2016

It's that time of year again- where we take a moment to consider not only what trends are 'in' for the year ahead, but also which are 'OUT'. We've compiled a list of trends to put to rest, and even offered some great updated alternatives to help you stay on track. 


OUT:  Whirlpool Tubs

Almost as unlikely to be included in new construction as wall to wall carpeting, whirlpool tubs have been falling out of fashion for years now. High energy, water, maintenance, and cleaning costs are adding up to the end for these huge, noisy tubs. 

BYE. (Source)


Substitute with a luxurious, energy efficient shower.

The shower possibilities are endless. (Source)


OUT: Stainless Steel Appliances

While still very popular commercially, stainless steel appliances have been on a steady decline. With the introduction of sleeker, more modern finishes as well as updated takes on classic designs- the face of kitchen appliances are finally changing.

As you can see- stainless is not always the answer. (Source)

IN: Black, White, and Custom Finishes

Not your mothers' (or grandmothers') white and black appliances. There are SO many sleek and modern finishes to choose from now. 

How sexy is this fridge, though? 


OUT: Granite

With over 6000 options to choose from, it is no wonder that in 2012 granite was used in about 75% of new kitchens. Amid speculation of this trend finally waning, several long overlooked and more stylish finishes are finally gaining traction in home design. Granite is over.

Just one of the reasons we are done with granite. (Source)

IN:  Quartz

Endless colors, non-porous, so durable most manufacturers offer a warranty! 

We are LOVING this red quartz counter top. (Source)


OUT: Mid-Century Modern Overload

Originating in the years between 1945 and 1965, this trend has peaked in the last ten years. The ubiquity of this aesthetic reaches from the flea market to huge high end design houses. While you could argue that certain pieces from this era have achieved a 'timeless look' the trend overall is beginning to subside. Finally, we are ready to ask in earnest "What's next?"  

I mean..if that's your thing.. (Source)


Beholden to no particular style, classic meets modern in this MAS design. 

Try experimenting with multiple styles, and creating your own look without relying too heavily on long-established norms. We're not HATING on MCM but, where do we go from here?


OUT: Re-purposed Pallets 

Not all pallets are created equal. While the DIY generation will undoubtedly mourn the death of this particular trend, we seriously need to stop bringing industrial waste products into our homes. Most pallets, with the exception of those made in Canada, are treated with the hazardous chemical Methyl Bromide. During the working life of a pallet, unknown chemicals and byproducts may spill and leech into the porous wood. So, even if you find the right stamp, or the pallet looks perfectly fine, there is no way to know the places that pallet has been- the things it has seen. *shivers* 

One man's trash is another man's....trash. (Source)

IN:  Reclaimed lumber!

Same eco benefits but safer (and way better looking.)
Custom Reclaimed Wood Modern Industrial Chair from Hammers & Heels (Source)


OUT: Cliche Graphic Wall Art

We Just need it to stop. 

This is actually for sale. #IRONY (Source)

IN: Something original.

Add color, texture, warmth to your space while supporting a local artist and (for once!) feeling good about your choices. Pick something that speaks to you personally, or fits in with your sense of style. 

'Begin Afresh,' limited edition print from artist Emma Leonard. (Source)

May these trends rest in peace. 


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