21 Interior Design Trends for 2016

The do's and don'ts of design are always evolving. 

In the design field the advent of new technologies offer creators and designers a steady stream of new materials and methods to experiment with. Shifting values will inevitably shock the hardcore traditionalist. Operating within a modern global market allows ideas and innovation to circulate around the world at the speed of light. 2016 will be a big year for green and bold design but also the rebirth of a few classic styles.

Here is our list of design trends to look for in 2016:

1. Quality Craftsmanship Over Quantity 

"Buy Local" and "Buy Hand Made" are not passing fads in design. Now more then ever- understanding sourcing practices are vital if you want quality and sustainability. In a generation where a cellphone that lasts two years is several hundred dollars, the eventual cost becomes all too apparent. Disposable furniture ends up with a much higher price tag over 20 years than one may think ($8,000 if you spend $800 on a cheaply made sofa). This also allows for more personalized services such as customized design. 

2. Customization

Sure it's nice to say "No one else in the world has this exact same piece." -but what customization really allows for is the chance for the client and the maker to collaborate in the final stages of the design process. No longer do you need to incorporate a mass produced product or style into your space when you can customize a unique piece for your personal style or space. 

Choose unique upholstery finishes and hardware. (Hammers & Heels)

3. Natural Materials

Natural materials are often more durable, higher quality, and (obviously) better for your not just the environment but also your health. For example many manufacturers use finishes and materials that can leech into the air. With more and more companies offering sustainable products it looks like this trend is here to stay in 2016 and beyond. 

Concrete is taking over. (Source)

Reclaimed wood & Belgian linen(from flax) chair from Hammers & Heels

Warm wood & cool concrete make a handsome sustainable duo. (Source)

4. Green Tech

Green building technologies will continue to work their way into mainstream construction projects, from the most ambitious urban high rises to micro residential projects. From solar panels to legislation requiring gardens or solar panels put on rooftops of new buildings, the concern for environment is becoming a staple in design.

We love this new sustainable contemporary home in Canada. (Source)

5. Asymmetry

Unifying mismatched elements and creating a sense of movement, asymmetric design allows you to work with pieces you adore while creating a visual hierarchy to showcase important elements.

Eclectic asymmetry allows for easy addition and subtraction. (Source)

Asymmetry does not have to sacrifice structure. (Source)

6. Statement Lighting

Statement lighting is the "Jewelry of the Home'. This year we expect to see bigger, bolder light installations that add visual and sculptural impact whether they are switched on or off. 

MAS design with H&H pendant lighting. 

Ceramic Globe Celadon Clay Chandelier from Hammers & Heels 

7. Geometric Elements

Geometric elements are back in a big way- and not just in the kitchen backsplash. In 2016 fluid geometry paired with textures will wow us in everything from furniture to accessories. 

Geometry pops in all aspects of design. (Source)

Hexagon Wood Modern Geometric Table (Source)

8. Natural & Layered Bedding

This is the year we finally get smart about our bedding. Learning to layer will improve both design and function. Seeking out natural materials will help us regulate body temperature, protect the environment, and sleep more soundly. zzZzz

Minimalism & Natural Materials in this MAS designed bedroom with H&H custom bed. 

Comfy & Cozy bed layers different weight and materials. (Source)

9. Warm Colored Wood Finishes

Cool mid-century woods have been a staple for a long time but as the trend fades, honey wood finishes are in. Thanks to the rise of warm contrasting cool aesthetic, this look has caught on in a big way. Mix warm woods to make cool colors stand out or create continuity with a single tone. 

Uniform wood finishes throughout create openness and continuity. (Source)

Warm toned woods make cool colors pop. (Source)

10. Fabric Wall Art

Adding texture and fabric to your space is no longer limited to upholstery & pillows. Frame a unique antique piece or find a to-die-for print and explore interesting ways to display them on you walls. 

Exotic textiles add drama in this Studio Marcelo Brito design.

A light and modern take on the traditional tapestry. (Source)

11. Innovation

Control your home from your pocket, 24/7. There are new apps on the market every day that have the power to change the way you design, live, and work. 

The NEST app controls your home's energy remotely. (Source)

12. Vintage Wallpaper

Incorporating vintage pattern and texture to your walls is a great way to achieve a timeless look. For restorations, it is now even possible to have entire rooms restored using just a small scrap of the remaining original wallpaper. 

Vintage pattern becomes timeless design. (Source)

13. Jewel Tones

Bold, rich, deep colors are in. (Even in the kitchen!) In 2016 expect jewel tones to find a lasting place in every room of the house. From rich upholstery, to bold paint colors and finishes- it is going to be a luxurious year. 

Emerald and gold shine in this kitchen makeover. (Source)

Deep, dark, brooding blues by the fire. (Source)

 14. Timeless Interiors

Achieving a timeless design is becoming a lost art in an age that likes to adopt one period or style when designing a space. The trick is not rely on any one passing trend. Designing above all for your personal needs, while incorporating elements that work well standing alone and with each other- is what we hope to see more of in 2016.

A timeless Parisian bedroom. (Source)

15. Unique Hardware

Vintage- Handmade- Mix & Match- 2016 is the year of shaking up your hardware choices, being bold, and seeking out unconventional sources. 

Beautiful vintage style gold & turquoise doorknob. (Source)

16. Curves

The incorporation of more organic shapes and curving structures have been redefining modern architecture for decades. Now is the time to ease away from the strict definitions of the 'modern' aesthetic and bring some softness into your spaces with curved furniture, art, lighting, and hardware. 

BIG curves in SF eatery Hard Water. (Source)

Classic arches soar with curved paneling. (Source)

Curved sculpture, lighting, and furniture tie this space together. (Source)

17. Space Savvy Solutions

The age of the sprawling suburban McMansions is coming to an end. As more and more people move into urban areas, and/or opt for smaller carbon footprints- 2016 is the time of space saving innovation. Expect new and creative ways to maximize space and utility in layout and furniture design. 

Multi-purpose built-in work and storage spaces are BIG this year. (Source)

18. Florals

Not your grandmother's florals. This year we are going to see the re-emergence of classic and bold floral pattern as a backdrop for more modern, eclectic designs. Expect pops of floral throughout the home in 2016 with dramatic wall murals to understated bedroom upholstery. 

Mixing florals creates a boho-chic bedroom look. (Source)

Florals have grown up to be bold, stark design elements. (Source)

19. Greys

Pushing past its neutral cousins taupe, beige, and cream- grey is still in this year. Greyscale, warm grey with cool grey, grey EVERYTHING. Grey is at home as the understated neutral backdrop in a period restoration, or the blank slate in a modern space to contrast warm hues and pops of color. 

A textured gray finish softens this country bedroom. (Source)

Rustic gray kitchen cabinets give a timeless look. (Source)

Gray can take a neutral back seat or POP contrasting colors. (Source)

20. Mixed Metals

Mixing metal finishes was once a major design faux pas- but no longer. Let 2016 be the year you break the metal mold, pair warm and cool finishes, use contrasting accents, play with texture and gradient. Shine.

Mixed metal appliances beat any stainless model. (Source)

Art, lighting, accessories- mix and match. (Source)

21. Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans & 'loft living' is in itself a lifestyle. Designing multi-purpose, open spaces is no longer just a design trend- but represents a shift in the way that we are living. In 2016 form will meet function in every step of the design process from architectural drafting to finishing upholstery. 

Multi-level, multi-purpose, open spaces are in this year. (Source)

Staying on trend and staying true to the clients needs and personal style are equally important in 2016. Creating a timeless design that incorporates modern innovation, custom pieces, and bold fixtures & colors is what we see trending in 2016. 

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