2017 Interior Design Trends, A Hammers & Heels Design Guide

2017 Interior Design Trends Preview Series

1. Reclaimed Wood

We are so excited that this trend is finally catching on in full force. Not only does using reclaimed lumber help reduce waste, but it also reduces future deforestation, shipping pollution, and problematic logging practices. Using reclaimed wood also encourages buying American made products. New lumber is often shipped from the growing nation first, to the producing nation second, and finally shipped again to the consumer nation. 

The texture and look of reclaimed wood furniture & accents is unique and beautiful. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 

Custom reclaimed rustic barnwood platform bed from Hammers & Heels

ark, moody, textural. Reclaimed wood walls.

2. Farmhouse Style

Not your grandparents' farmhouse. Modern farmhouse style is open to interpretation, versatile, and beautiful. Warm woods, clean lines, light neutrals, and utilitarian features- the sky is the limit with this look. 

Bold & clean lighting, barnwood floors, and mix and match furnishings. (Source)

Utilitarian black lighting fixtures add substance to a light, open space.

3. Danish Hygge

Danish Hygge, pronounced "Hoo-gah" is more than just an interior design aesthetic, it is a lifestyle. Beyond the typical Scandinavian clean lines and simplicity, Hygge invites you to curl up, get comfy, socialize, and enjoy your space. Think chunky knit natural fibers, candles, simplicity, and textures throughout. For a more in-depth initiation to Hygge, The Lux Pad has you covered.

Pull up a chair with friends and family. Light but warm, simple but layered. (Source)

Danish Hygge Interior Design Trends 2017
et cozy with candles and mixed natural textiles.

4. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back in full force. An easy way to add period style and texture has gotten even easier with more and more companies offering temporary & removable wallpaper options. New finishes, textures, and designs reach the market every day as printing tech advances. Whether it be modern remixes of traditional patterns and styles or completely new textures and faux wood finishes, your accent wall game will be stronger than ever. 

Yes, that really is wallpaper. (Source)

marble wallpaper
Marble wallpaper is one of the fastest growing wallpaper trends (source)

5. Open Shelving

Having open shelving in your kitchen might seem like a high maintenance nightmare for the average pack rat, but this trend is on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Display your new porcelain dinnerware proudly, or mix and match decor with your glassware and utensils.

Open shelving can also be used to showcase decor, art, and books in bedrooms and living rooms. Regardless of where you use open shelving in your home: Whatever you do- keep it neat. 

Mix art, decor, utensils, etc. Just keep it neat. Photo by Nicole LaMotte

Open shelving interior design trends 2017
Open shelving doesn't have to mean 'quirky' or 'eclectic'. 

6. Indigo is the New Black

Indigo is among the richest and most vibrant colors that occurs in nature. This rich hue can be traced back millennia to traditional Indian dyes. Indigo slowly made its way west across Europe and became a symbol of luxury. It is not difficult to see why this classic hue is experiencing a modern design renaissance.

Indigo lends itself beautifully to natural textures and materials like porcelain, wood, and natural fibers. Lighting, accessories, and upholstery in indigo hues add a rich, classic design element to any space.
Natural materials shine in indigo, porcelain pendant light and wood candle holders.

Add a pop of luxury to your kitchen (source)


7. Mixed Patterns

Mixing & matching bold patterns may seem like a design faux pas, but playing with more subtle textural patterns and scale within the same pattern family can create a striking interior space without overwhelming the eye.

Whether walking down the runways of NYFW, or dressing up chic contemporary living spaces- mixed patterns are taking over design in 2017.

Think: Throw pillows, area rugs, and wallpapers. Layering textiles, mixing materials, and wall hangings will be big in 2017.

Modern take on mid-century style mixes patterns, textures, and finishes.

Mixed patterns interior design trends 2017
Just go for it.

8. Foldable/Hideable Appliances/Furniture

The future of design belongs to the urban dweller. As more and more of us move to the city and opt for smaller spaces our needs and tastes are evolving to fit a smaller footprint both literally and ecologically. New multi-use furniture, appliances, and spaces are being designed to optimize square footage and make our lives easier, more economical, and environmentally responsible.

Form & function are meeting in new convenient & creative ways in 2017.

Bedroom, living room, storage, and office in one. (Source)

Modular, movable, customization furniture. Interior Design Trends 2017
Multi-function, movable, customized. This is the future of furniture.

9. Greens (Bright and Dark)

Bring the outdoors inside. Green is making a comeback in a major way in 2017. From deep, saturated emerald jewel tones to light, warm organic shades- green is the new go-to color. Pair with colors such as warm whites and light neutrals, to warm tan leather and stone. Excellent on an accent wall to contrast a more subdued pallet or in an upholstered piece to anchor a space.

Saturated, dark, luxurious greens. (Source)

Emerald accents and furniture.

10. Cork

Cork? Yes, really. Cork is one of the most sustainable & green products in design and we are thrilled that it is moving into more interiors in 2017. The bark of the cork tree (that can live up to 200 years) is harvested over & over, and the tree is never cut down. 

Cork is a stylish, if not utilitarian, design element that can hold its own on an entire wall/floor, or as an accent material. The warmth and texture that cork brings to a space is entirely unique and perfect for the eco-conscious consumer. 
Cork Accent Wall Interior Design Trends 2017
Don't you just want to run your fingertips across this wall? (Source)

Cork Accent Wall Interior Design Trends 2017
There really is nothing like it.

Stay tuned as we bring you more 2017 Design Trend Guides from the designers at Hammers & Heels.

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