Expanding Ideas & Products

 We are expanding and adding a few carefully selected makers and curated products to our store and showroom! The decision to make some changes in our company was not taken lightly. We spent many days, evenings, and sleepless late nights toying with this idea. When you are a small business that has designed, manufactured, and sold only your own products for so long it is scary to make this leap. However, at a point we realized that in order to expand and grow we just couldn't do it all ourselves. There are amazing craft people making high quality, unique, and handmade products sustainably in many corners of the globe.


The first company we found that really solidified this idea for us is Kahoko. In Kenya's rural Rift Valley artisans weave some of the most beautiful and timeless rugs we have ever seen. Using techniques handed down though many generations the expertise shows in every stitch. The the materials used are 100% natural, wool from local sheep, organic cotton from neighboring Uganda, and water hyacinth (a highly destructive weed) from Lake Victoria are all hand spun using recycled mechanical equipment. The wool is dyed with local sustainably grown botanicals and vegetables then woven into rugs, a process of at least four days. All of the artisans are given fair wages and the added income is helping to grow the community and ensure their children can continue to go to school. Kohoko has a passion for eco-friendly handmade products and preserving crafts that could easily become lost arts. We just had to get on board! You can now purchase these stunning rugs through our website! 

Please watch this amazing video of a rug being hand-made. 

KAHOKO - HANDMAKING A RUG from Kahoko on Vimeo.


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