As the saying goes "Earth without art is just eh"


As the saying goes "Earth without art is just eh"



We strive to create pieces that will add to the artistic aesthetic of all the spaces we have the honor of lighting and furnishing. We love artwork around here! So when designing our showroom we knew that wall art would be an integral part of the finished look. Many of the pieces came from Alicia's personal collection and were done by local artists, family, and friends. 


When deciding the placement for our collection we first laid everything out. Coming up with a basic idea of what went together and what could stand alone. This particular lady evokes a strong emotional reaction in all of us. So she became the only piece on this wall gazing longingly at our birch and bubble chandelier.
We love creating a balance between color, size and orientation. The mix here of organic pieces, dark, light, and subjects created a cohesive grouping without seeming matchy.

We are lucky enough to have incredible and talented neighbors who also have incredible talented friends. This stunning (and borrowed) print by local artist Adam Thorman stands alone in the hallway. The depth and textural feel of the photo truly holds the space together across from our hand painted gold wallpaper.

 Don't forget the small spaces! Even bathrooms deserve art. We love the way an empty frame adds just enough on the brick wall.


Our oatmeal colored Belgian Linen sofa needed a pop of color and attitude. The trio of melancholy girls behind it brings just enough of both to make sure the space doesn't fall flat.




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